Monday, August 3, 2009

The Middle Class's Cashflow

The middle class is just a subcategory of the poor. Instead of being just like the poor, they have some minor differences. The middle class has more discipline than the poor. They earn money, and generally they have a better education; they do not always have a better education or a better job, but usually they do. The middle class is really defined, though, by their cash flow. They earn money, just like the poor, but they do not spend all of it right away. Notice the key words "right away." They do spend it eventually (except some that have minor savings). Most of the time, they are disciplined enough to save money. However, they usually spend it on things like a down payment on a home. The middle class saves up to buy things that take money out of their pockets every month. By buying a mortgage, they lose money every month......guaranteed.

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